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Having only moved to London yesterday and starting at Osterley this morning as Weddings Coordinator my brain is frazzled. I couldn’t be more grateful for the fantastic weddings handover that was left for me, thank you Becki! Its tonights homework whilst sitting out in this beautiful weather.

I look forward to responding to your enquiries and running the upcoming weddings at Osterley. Check out my other wedding blog at:


to see the weddings and events I have been a part of in the past.

April x

Cheerio from me…


Thursday 4th June 2014 is my last working day at Osterley Park as the Wedding& Functions Coordinator for the property. After spending over two years here, I have made the decision to move on from the National Trust, furthering my career within the higher education sector in an events role.


I will be leaving weddings behind me, along with some fond memories of extravagant dresses, colour co-ordinating groomsmen, reminiscent themes of gone by eras and nervous brides. Not to mention there is also some less fond memories such as rain pouring just as the wedding guests are about to leave, late grooms and alcohol induced guests to contend with!


For my last blog post I have picked some of my favourite moments to share with you from the last two years:


Emma & Sam – 6th July 2013 – They greeted each other on the Temple Lawn, Emma on foot, Sam on his moped. This was a highly skilled operation from National Trust staff to enable the couple to meet in the middle at exactly the same time. After their ceremony, they fled the scene together, Emma on the back of the moped this time.


Toni & James – 26th July 2013 – Toni’s 50’s style dress and makeup was perfect for her personality and her lipstick matched James’s bright red laces on the day. They had quirky and fun photos afterwards in the grounds, followed by a roaring 50’s theme reception with their own jukebox.



Toni & James - Jonathan Ince Photography

Toni & James – Jonathan Ince Photography



Gail & Michael – 7th September 2012 – They greeted their guests on the portico steps for a champagne reception accompanied by canapés such as miniature fish & chips. Their beautiful marquee was open at the sides and their pictures on the day really did the property justice. Amazing weather alongside superb catering and gorgeous floral decorations made for a wonderful wedding.



Gail & Michael - Ian Baker Photography

Gail & Michael – Ian Baker Photography



Ramiya & Nivan – 31st August 2012 – You would think an 800 person wedding would be hard to manage with a few hair pulling moments, however when Ramiya & Nivan celebrated their Hindu ceremony with us it was nothing but gracious guests and fantastic entertainment. The traditional instruments that were played whilst accompanying the groom on his arrival could be heard throughout the property and amused visitors, compelling them to stop and watch the ‘show’.



Heather & James – 6th September 2013 – This relaxed couple were a perfect fit for the property. Their fun guests were treated to afternoon tea with champagne in the Brewhouse followed by a sit down meal catered for by our in-house catering team. As a special treat both the bride and groom were treated to multiple deserts from our catering manager when she remembered that they had trouble deciding between just one when discussing their menu choices-always a nice touch.



James & Heather - Chris Martin Photography

James & Heather – Chris Martin Photography



I hope Osterley Park continues to make memories like these for years to come!




Lauryn, Learning & Interpretation Officer at Osterley Park, reveals the moment her fiance Laura proposed, and fills us in on all the exciting details of her perfect wedding…



Lauryn, Learning & Interpretation Officer. Osterley Park

Lauryn, Learning & Interpretation Officer. Osterley Park


Here in the office we watched her in the early stages of meeting her new love who would eventually become the one she would marry, and in turn went on a journey with her from her first date through to her proposal.


Now with a few bad dates behind her and a ring on her finger, it looks like all of Lauryn’s dreams are coming true.



lauryn laura



The pair actually met in the city in which they are to marry after a few chance encounters “we met just as the Olympics were finishing up so there was a really good buzz around East London” said Lauryn. “We figured out that a week before meeting, we had been in the same park about 10 metres away watching the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony”.


It seems that even after a short skirt and ping-pong incident, the 27 year old still managed to pull off the charm and on their first year anniversary Laura popped the question.


“In the morning she gave me a London A-Z and I found out she had planned a treasure hunt all over London, visiting places we had great memories in like ‘The Wildlife Photographer of the year’ exhibition at NHM, and also some new places like walking over the o2”.


Apparently Laura was willing to go that extra mile and even faced her fears for Lauryn’s proposal.


“She took me on the emirates cable car line” Lauryn told me. “She’s terrified of heights, so when we started our journey up in the car she threw herself on the floor and shut her eyes saying ‘just enjoy it darling, have fun please’!”


laura lauryn


The fun they must have together is extremely apparent and Laura’s imaginative surprises didn’t stop there.


Lauryn tells me “we commute to work together and during some escalator works at Highbury & Islington the guy who does the announcement in the station became a really familiar voice. On the day, we were walking through the station and all of a sudden the speaker boomed out ‘THIS IS A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, Happy anniversary Lauryn from Laura’. She continues to tell me “everyone clapped and screamed in the tunnel whilst I was standing there like a shocked fish, with my mouth wide open”.


It didn’t stop there as Laura finally asked her to marry her whilst they were sitting on top of a climbing frame in a park in London Fields.





At the moment they live in their East London apartment, where they grow their own veg in the garden and enjoy spending weekends making it their home together. No longer living the ‘rock star’ lifestyle the pair enjoy weekends away recently visiting a Shepherd’s hut in Hampshire with no running water, gas or electricity. Lauryn explains “it took us two hours to make a cup of tea on the wood burning stove and we went on a 12 mile walk just for 1 pint of cider”.


The self-confessed history buff, ‘I am really in to museums and heritage sites so Laura gets dragged to a lot of those’, has gone from one extreme to the other with her wedding plans. ‘We were looking at a huge venue on the Thames with over a 100 guests, a boat and gourmet dinner but it was sending me slightly loopy, and I was worried it was too far from what I originally wanted so we scaled back and cancelled everything’.


With the couple officially becoming ‘The Carters’ on the 14th August 2015, Lauryn says she feels thankful for her friends and family and “I’m so happy my mum will see me married, I can’t imagine the persecution gay people in Russia, Uganda and all over the world face. It just makes me so happy and proud to live in the UK”.


The couple have finally settled on a town hall ceremony followed by a reception held at a Canal side venue in East London – “it’s much more relaxed and just ‘us” Lauryn tells me.




One thing for sure is that their day will be full of unique touches, with a best friend in fashion making Lauryn’s dress and the pair plan on growing lots of pot plants and baskets themselves. However, they will have some luxuries on the day as Lauryn’s reveals “The one thing were splurging on is the music-a tribute band-but we can’t spoil the surprise!”


Marrying in London was an essential venue requirement for the day “I love a wedding bash but sometimes travel and hotels can be a bit exhausting, so I was keen that all of our friends would have a relaxed day and a quick-ish journey home”. Lauryn continues “I think a city wedding is just amazing and because my ceremony isn’t until 2pm I’m going to plan something fun for the morning”. Lauryn did tell me she considered Osterley Park but it’s just a bit too far from where they live!


I’m wishing this fun and impulsive couple a wonderful wedding day. If the wedding ceremony is anything like the proposal, it’s going to be pretty spectacular!


2014 wedding offer!


If you’re looking to get married this year then you’re in luck because here at Osterley Park and House we still have a number of possible key summer dates available. And to top this we are introducing a seasonal offer on all civil ceremonies held in the entrance hall during 2014.




Up to 25% off civil ceremonies held in the Entrance Hall when holding your wedding in 2014.







A listed Georgian mansion and a party house for the high society, the entrance hall at Osterley Park is the perfect setting for your special and magical day. Marry in the elegant but minimalist striking room where visitors to the house during Tudor times were welcomed and treated to after dinner dancing and music ensembles.




To find out some more information about this limited offer download our information sheet. Or to find out some more about the entrance hall including capacity download our wedding brochure.




With some key dates still remaining this season, contact us today for availability!





Is this your year?


“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”


- Nora Ephron, When Harry met Sally


As we leave behind 2013 the year of ‘selfies’, photo-bombing and ‘twerking’ the New Year brings with it more fad diets, ‘dry-January’, a broke bank balance and bad weather! However, along with all these clichés and hard-to-stick-to tests, the start of the New Year also brings us an over-excited bunch (mainly brides-to-be) of newly engaged couples looking for their perfect venue.


Maybe it was a Christmas Eve treat to kick-start the holiday, a romantic proposal on Christmas day in front of all you’ve loved ones or a New Year surprise which came at 12 o’clock which got you planning your wedding. But whatever got him (or her) to ‘put a ring on it’ as Bey say’s, you’re January is all about finding that ideal date.  So here it starts the excessive google searches, frantic venue calling and wedding brochures becoming the new cool thing to read on your tube journey every morning.


At Osterley Park in January its closed season for us, no house open to visitors, no tea rooms to give of their sweet-smelling aromas (making us part with out money) and staff mainly busy working on projects and conservation work for open season on March 1. However, closed season doesn’t really happen for all us wedding coordinators. January is a busy time sending our brochures, carrying out viewings and helping couples prepare for their up-coming 2014 nuptials. 


We still have dates throughout the summer period that we hope to fill shortly and so far this year the Entrance Hall has been the most popular ceremony venue. So with 2014 hoping to bring us eternal happiness and make us half a stone lighter, here’s to welcoming prospective couples to Osterley Park and House in 2014 for what we hope is the best day of their life.


Entrance hall set up for a wedding

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”


-Karl Largerfield


You spend all that effort planning a wedding, thousands of pounds splurged, crying mothers, drunken uncles and endless hours (minutes really) talking to relatives you didn’t want to invite and what do you have to show you’re your wedding day…the photos!


At Osterley Park and House, we are lucky to have such beautiful surroundings and phenomenal backdrops for wedding photos. Couples who marry here really are spoilt for choice.


We keep the grounds at Osterley Park exclusive to wedding couples only allowing the few privileged ones each year the use of the 357 acre site for their own personal shots.


From the sweeping double staircase to the overgrown meadow, the ornate walled garden to the milieu of the small Temple, you really can capture a variety of shots to suit all style weddings and personal interest.


My favourite thing to do once the season is over is contact all couples who have married at Osterley Park and ask for a sneak peek at their wedding photos. Following is a collection of my favourite images from the past two years at Osterley Park.


Please do click on the photographer’s link to find out more about their style of photography.



Wedding: Stacy & Mark 20th July 2013

Photographer: Adam Szczepanski


Front Lawn view from Portico steps

Front Lawn view from Portico steps



The Temple of Pan located in the formal gardens and shot on a glorious day.

The Temple of Pan located in the formal gardens and shot on a glorious day.



Inside the Brewhouse, Stacy & Mark's reception area.

Inside the Brewhouse, Stacy & Mark’s reception area. We all love cake in the face!



Wedding: Vanessa & Tristan 21st May 2012

Photographer: Matt Penberthy


Bride leaving her carriage and arriving at the venue.

Bride leaving her carriage and arriving at the venue.



Bride and her bridesmaid having that last minute hug and words of encouragement.

Bride and her bridesmaid having that last minute hug and words of encouragement.



Leaving the Brewhouse reception room

Leaving the Brewhouse reception room. The brickwork in this shot really stands out and compliments the picture.



Wedding: Gail & Michael 8th September 2012

Photographer: Ian Baker


Guests gathered on the Portico steps for a champagne reception.

Guests gathered on the Portico steps for a champagne reception. You can really see how impressive the pillars are in size in relation to the wedding guests.




Picture taken facing the west steps, marquee reception in the distance.

Picture taken facing the west steps, marquee reception in the distance. The romantic landscape of the great meadow can be seen here.




Bride and groom arriving.

Bride and groom arriving via the portico steps which is the way guests would have entered when visiting the family.



Wedding: Kate & Tim 25th May 2013

Photographer: Joanna Brown



Bride awaiting her carraige on the portico steps.

Bride awaiting her carraige on the portico steps.




Bride and groom in the formal gardens

Bride and groom in the formal gardens




Shot in the formal gardens, you would never know you was only a short distance from Central London.

Shot in the formal gardens, you would never know you was only a short distance from Central London.



Wedding: Sindu & Peraveenan 14th July 2012

Photographer: Adam Szcsepanski



A wonderful moment of pure happiness captured on camera.

A wonderful moment of pure happiness captured on camera.




Bride and groom enjoying their wedding day together, a fun shot which they will have forever.

Bride and groom enjoying their wedding day together, a fun shot which they will have forever.




Bride on her own, immersed between the portico pillars. A wonderful shot.

Bride on her own, immersed between the portico pillars. A wonderful shot.




Lastly…a link to my new fave wedding photographer. Her name is Emilie and unfortunately we were unable to post any of her previous work from Osterley on the blog  however her online work can be viewed here http://www.emiliewhite.com and her style of photography is brilliant. We hope to see her a lot more at OsterleyPark!

Moving forward…


“ We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because were curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”


Walt Disney


So you’ve already been introduced to “rhubarb” but what does that mean for our existing offer?


We will still be offering:

  • Civil ceremonies in the entrance hall
  • Civil ceremonies in the Temple of Pan 
  • Marquee receptions 
  • Asian weddings 

Now we just have a little extra help!


Working together with “rhubarb” (with the exclusion of Asian receptions) they are now our exclusive event caterers and manage all events at Osterley Park and House which require catering. This means that the customer is given the best quality service by an experience and thriving company within a beautiful and unique venue that is owned by the National Trust. What we hope is a winning combination, and let’s face it you have to trust us, it’s in our name.




Going forward we will be working very closely with the event planners at “rhubarb” to develop further opportunities of increasing our profile and engaging in joint ventures which highlights our presence within the surrounding community and is profitable and sustainable for the property. With the capacity to ‘go bigger’ than we currently do, but forever in our minds our main goal of conservation, we have to embrace the idea that hospitality and functions provide commercial viability and enable us to continue to bring places to life.


With 6 weddings already confirmed for next year, all taking place within the entrance hall of the house, we again see a change in pattern from this year. Reporting in earlier posts how the Temple of Pan had outshone the entrance hall in 2013 with more weddings, it seems that 2014 is looking the opposite, with the larger weddings back in full force. Of course, its early days and this could all change, so watch this space!


Now in the middle of the low season, it has been the perfect time to adapt to the change and embrace new marketing collateral, update our website and grow the relationship between the face of “rhubarb” and ourselves.

Click on the picture below to visit our new site.


weddings page



With the prospect of hosting a mixture of events in 2014 onwards, we hope to see the property open its doors to a wider range of companies and individuals, whilst still maintaining its current demeanour  in the immediate area of being the local place of historic interest with a beautiful setting for weddings. This is important for our local couples who choose to marry here for that reason. It’s all about going local – but with a wider scope in mind! 

marrying local sign 


Introducing “rhubarb”…


September sees the start of a new partnership between “rhubarb” the event and catering specialists and the National Trust. With years of high-end event management and catering services under their belt, “rhubarb” is now joining forces with a selection of properties to encourage the use of our historic houses and gardens for special occasions.


rhubarb catering


The partnership means that’s both corporations will work together on events at the selected properties in a bid to raise money for the restoration and preservation of the historic landmarks including Osterley Park and House, Petworth House, and Stowe.


Room view of the Long Gallery showing flowers on the mantelpiece at Osterley Park, Middlesex


At Osterley we hope that “rhubarb” will enhance on our already successful and commercially viable wedding business by opening up the grounds to a new clientele and delivering an exceptional service that we know their capable of.


large marquee


Our offering will very much remain the same by hosting civil marriages and partnerships in both the entrance hall and temple of pan. An event planner from “rhubarb” will then take on all the catering aspects of our offering and guide the client through their perfect menu and table settings held within their personalised marquee.


At Osterley Park and House we look forward to this new journey…


A night with the Jerseys



This month at Osterley Park and House on Saturday 17th August, The Earl and Countess of Jersey celebrated their 10th anniversary with us. Along with 35 of their closest friends they were all treated to a world-class 3 course dinner in our long gallery followed by dancing, formula one racing cars, Clay Pigeon shooting and cocktails in a marquee on the West Lawn.

Marquee on the West Lawn

The current Lord and Lady Jersey have a very close connection to the house at Osterley Park and were delighted to welcome their guests to their former family’s pied-a-terre for a night of celebration.



Portico steps entrance to the house

The flowers were courtesy of Lisa Roberts, from ‘Bella Design’ a close personal friend of the countess and created a touch of elegance and sophistication to the table dressings. These were complemented by the house flowers which are picked and arranged every Wednesday by our dedicated team of flower volunteers.



Flowers to compliment the occasion

Flowers to compliment the occasion

The food was prepared by one of our highly recommended catering suppliers ‘Party Ingredients’ who took care of everything from presentation, set-up, mood lighting and of course the 3 course dinner followed by coffee. They also set up a specialised cocktail bar within the marquee where guests were treated to Lord and Lady Jerseys favourite cocktails including Bellini’s and Margaritas.


Party Ingredients catering van set up for preparation before the event

Party Ingredients catering van set up for preparation before the event


However, the most exciting part of the night (apart from the free bar) was the array of interactive games guests were treated to before and after dinner. Stepping into the marquee guests were spoilt for choice with a real life size Formula 1 racing car where you could ‘beat your time’, a batak wall where guests could test their reactions, a roulette table complete with chips to bet with, laser clay pigeon shooting (far away from the house) and finally a caricaturist who entertained guests with cartoon drawings which they could take away. 



This was a special night as the house at Osterley Park was brought back to life for the first time in a long time where it was used as it was originally intended back in the 18th C. The entrance hall welcomed its guests up the portico steps and through the double doors. Guests were then treated to a private tour of the house by our premises and collections manager, Claire Reed and Judith Evans, ours House Steward. They concentrated on the principle floor followed by the Estate apartments. Dinner was soon served in the long gallery which was filled with laughter, good food and a very heart-felt and moving speech from Lord Jersey himself.


The table set for dinner in the Long Gallery

The table set for dinner in the Long Gallery


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